Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance Plus: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Crises Can Strike during Family Vacations

The great thing about traveling is how it gets you out of your comfort zone and trying new things. You’re an adventurer and we love that about you. However, a myriad of emergencies can happen while you are traveling: wildlife attacks, hunting accidents, food poisoning, falls, emergency surgery, stroke, infection.

How would you deal with an emergency during your family vacation? Suppose your significant other had a near-fatal allergic reaction, or your child had an accident? How would you get them the urgent care they need in an unfamiliar place? There’s no time to think when you’re in the midst of a crisis.

Travel Assistance Benefits

Whether you’re traveling the globe or the country, this exclusive Legionnaire Insurance Trust program provides you with a back-up plan for emergencies. It’s called Emergency Assistance Plus. We’re offering this member benefit to you as a way to pay for emergency travel expenses that your health or travel insurance will typically not cover. Think of it as a safety net that covers your unexpected emergency travel expenses. That way, you can focus on what matters – taking care of your family.

Medical Evacuation & Transfer Assistance

It’s tough to think clearly when danger strikes. When you are in crisis mode, you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of organizing your own transportation.

If your current medial facility is not adequate to treat your condition, we will also transport you to a hospital that can provide the care you need. We organize emergency medical transportation by whatever means necessary to transfer you quickly and safely. We’ll even transfer you back home after your hospitalization has ended.

Medical Expense Assistance

We provide no-limit emergency cash transfers for unexpected medical bills against your valid credit card. You receive the care you need and we’ll also check in with you periodically throughout your experience, monitoring to make sure you’re getting adequate treatment. Even if your medical need is not a life and death situation, we’ll treat your concern with the same urgency. We coordinate the replacement of prescription medicine, corrective lenses or medical devices if they are lost, stolen or broken during travel.

Family Transportation

As the head of your family, when you are out of commission, your family needs help, too. These member benefits cover expenses to help your dependent children or grandchildren return home safely in your absence.

We understand how difficult it is to be alone stuck in a hospital far away from home. If you are expected to be hospitalized for seven days, we cover the round-trip costs of bringing a loved one to stand by your side.

Return of Deceased

Should the unimaginable occur, Emergency Assistance Plus covers the expense of returning the deceased’s remains home. Our members consider this one of the most appealing benefits of this program. To have your loved one home, so you can plan a proper burial is important to most families.

Travel Assistance

Starting out with lost luggage or a stolen passport can ruin your trip. We’ll provide you with telephone assistance to help you recover or replace lost or stolen travel documents.

Take it from Fellow Members

Charles had a sudden hematomoa while traveling in Munich, Germany. Thanks to this program, once the trip was over and he was stable enough to travel, he was provided with a flight home at no cost. Not only that, but EA+ organized all the travel arrangements, so he did not have to make a single call to the airline directly.

Doug and Lisa were on vacation when Doug experienced severe pain in his toe. He was rushed to the emergency room of a local hospital for an infected foot. Four days later his toe was amputated. Out of all the benefits they were given, the most important services that EA+ provided was the air travel home for themselves, and hired driver to return their 5th wheel 1,500 miles home.

The Safety Net for Your Vacation

We want you to keep traveling and making the most out of your life. That’s why we’re offering services like Legionnaire Emergency Assistance Plus to keep you safe while traveling. Make the right choice for your family. You owe it to your family and to yourself. Protect your loved ones today by enrolling in this exclusive member program.

*This is only an outline of the plan’s feature. Please read your Member Benefit Guide carefully to understand all of the services available to you, as well as any terms, conditions, and limitations.

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