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Discover LIT Endorsed healthcare and insurance programs designed just for you.

The LIT has been helping Legionnaires protect their health by offering quality individual health plans along with other valuable supplemental insurance products. Learn more.

Cancer Insurance Plan

Aside from doctors and medicine, we understand that you’ll want money to help beat cancer. The LIT Endorsed Cancer Care Insurance Plan provides benefits to cover the high costs of cancer and everything that comes with it. Benefits include:

  • Help to cover the cost of treatment and recovery
  • Money to help detect cancer
  • Benefits -- regardless of your medical insurance
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Hospital Indemnity Plan

Where would you get the money to pay YOUR portion of a sudden hospital bill? Major medical plans and Medicare aren't set up to pay for everything. But now you can get help with extra money for doctor and hospital bills.
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Long Term Care

Long-Term Care insurance may not be for everyone. But with soaring healthcare costs, insurance restrictions and the need to stretch retirement savings through more years... it’s a good idea to seriously consider this valuable coverage while receiving a member premium discount.

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Dental Insurance

Protect your family’s budget from pricey dental bills. Lock in extra help to cover the bills whenever your family needs dental care with this money-saving program offered exclusively to Legionnaire Insurance Trust families. It's a solid way to protect your pearly whites — and your family's budget — at the same time.

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Health Insurance

Wish you could pay LESS for your family's medical coverage? Check out your money-saving options in this special Legionnaire Insurance Trust program.

You can quickly compare the most popular — and cost effective — medical plans from the nation's leading companies. Plus … when you find the plan that's right for you … you can easily sign up online.

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