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We’ve been helping Legionnaires like you, with low cost superior benefit programs. These testimonials come from veterans who want you to know how the LIT has improved not only their lives, but the financial well-being of each department. If you’re so moved please share how participating in our programs have made a difference in your life too.

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Cancer Care Plan

With regularly scheduled outpatient diagnosis, and timely payment of claims, this program in essence pays for itself.

- John Brannis, VA


Cancer Care Plan

Diagnosed with prostate cancer and faced 9 weeks of radiation and several doctor visits. Knowing we had extra income for bills made it less stressful.

- John Canon, FL


Cancer Care Plan

Helped take the pressure off us when we didn't have to worry about paying additional bills

- Manley Stier, MN


Cancer Care Plan

A reputable company and payments made quickly to cover bills.

- Anna Davis, CA


Cancer Care Plan

You held up your end of the bargain very well! Once I had all the paper work gathered, it was processed in a very timely fashion.

- Sharon Craig, MN


Cancer Care Plan

There is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone with any and all help. They are the best.

- Edna Lash, TX


Cancer Care Plan

Once diagnosed with breast cancer, I realized how fortunate I really was!! It's been very helpful financially in covering expenses my primary policy didn't, and also reimbursing costs of needed prescriptions. The phone reps are very helpful, especially when you're not feeling well-and walk you through everything if needed! Fast claim processing was amazing too!

- Lisa Eisenhauer, SD


Hospital Help Plan

I had two major heart surgeries, one in Pontiac, MI., and one at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Being able to not worry about some of the financial burden was a great stress relief.

- Everett Meggitt, MI


Hospital Help Plan

My husband had a stroke 26 yrs. ago. He was in intensive care, in a coma, for 45 days. When he was released from the hospital, he could not talk clearly, his left side was partially paralyzed and he had trouble walking without help. Then, I took care of him at home for 20 yrs. His condition worsened and our doctor told me that he should be put in a nursing home, because I had cancer and could no longer take care of him without help. He stayed in the nursing home for four yrs. before passing away. I could not have managed the financial burden without the help of Legionnaire Hospital Indemnity plan.

- Margaret Roberts, OH


Hospital Help Plan

I was in hospital 3 different times. In space of a month and half. Helped with cost if amount we had to pay. Total was 15 days and received reimbursement in a timely manner

- Judith Wilson, FL

Richard W

Hospital Help Plan

Legionnaires Trust has gained our trust through our actual experience. People should never think they do not need supplementary insurance to augment their other insurance coverages/benefits. LTI has proven to be a reputable and trustable insurance provider in which people can put their trust and faith in when the need arises!

- Richard W Herried, WI

Rose Marie

No Cost Legion Care

I was very grateful to Transamerica Insurance Company for their understanding and awareness of the need for quick action on their part. Thank you.

- Rose Marie Brass, GA