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Veteran brings energy — and nearly 100 new members — to Eagan American Legion

Veteran brings new energy

John Flynn LIT Image

John Flynn, right, Eagan American Legion post head, with adjutant Wayne Beierman.

By Erin Adler Star Tribune | February 22, 2017

John Flynn's calls paid off, with about nine out of 10 veterans he contacted joining, in just one sign of Post 594's renaissance.

When John Flynn unexpectedly became the new commander of the struggling Eagan American Legion last spring, he said he began recruiting new members by phone with a standard — and humble — speech.

“I’m the new commander of the Eagan American Legion,” Flynn would begin. “I’m sure you’re probably not even aware we exist.”

The calls paid off, he said, estimating that about nine out of 10 veterans he contacted joined the Eagan Legion.

It’s just one sign of Post 594’s renaissance. Through Flynn’s efforts, including dozens of calls, door-to-door visits to local businesses and more frequent meetings at a new location, Post 594 has gone from a 77-member group on the verge of folding to an ambitious service organization with 167 veterans.

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