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About Legionnaire Insurance Trust

Learn more about the people who offer protection to you and your family.

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Welcome to the Legionnaire Insurance Trust Program! We’d like to thank you for choosing us as your trusted source in protecting your family. Learn a little bit more about our history, our promise and our mission to Legionnaires.

Protecting you and your loved ones for over 50 years

Founded in 1965, the non-profit Legionnaire Insurance Trust is comprised of 50 Departments of The American Legion representing some 1.5 million members.

For over five decades, the Legionnaire Insurance Trust has been your Department’s endorsed insurance program.

We offer Supplemental Health and Accident Plans to all LIT members. Our years of experience and our valued partnership with Legionnaires has allowed us to customize our programs and products to better serve members’ needs.

Honoring your service to this country is our top priority

At the Legionnaire Insurance Trust Program, we are committed to serving the insurance needs of LIT members and their families. And we are proud to be your trusted insurance resource. When you apply for any of the LIT programs, you get quality service from a company that understands Members’ needs. That’s our promise to you.

We’ll be with you every step of the way to provide the right protection for you and your loved ones. You did your part…let us do ours.

We stand on the frontlines for veterans like you

At the LIT, our mission is to take care of you and your fellow Legionnaires with plans specifically designed to protect our American veterans. For over five decades, we’ve provided Legionnaires and their families with valuable coverage.

Because we are experts in our field, we understand that you want to feel like you’re speaking with someone who understands your needs and challenges, especially when it comes to making an informed decision about your insurance needs.

When you sign up with any one of our LIT plans, you will be dealing with compassionate, knowledgeable people who will provide the most relevant and useful solutions.

You can count on the Legionnaire Insurance Trust to be there for you when you need us most.

Your Dollars

Your Dollars Help Fund Our Community

When you enroll in a LIT program benefit, you’ll be proud to know that your dollars are hard at work funding many great community programs.

Over the years, the LIT has returned $90 million dollars back to Legion Departments. These allocations have helped pay for things like renovations to American Legion Baseball fields and salaries for Service Officers at the VA to assist members with claims.

Money from the LIT has also helped fund Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation. With about 23 million U.S. veterans who are alive today, we are proud to have been able to give much support to those who served – and continue to serve – our country. 

Due to various federal budget cuts, our veterans aren’t always getting the help they need, especially when it comes to healthcare. Hundreds of thousands of our men and women who recently served in tours to Iraq and Afghanistan now rely on the VA health system for health care services, as well as our older veterans.

Your funds to LIT help support the healthcare and rehabilitative needs of veterans like you. 

But that’s not all… Since 2007, over $20 million has helped create scholarships like the Legacy Scholarship Fund, outreach programs, the National Emergency Fund and Child Welfare Foundation. These funds also help support the Boy and Girl Scouts, Operation Comfort Warriors, Soldier’s Wish and Camp American Legion.

Funding these programs and activities give us the opportunity to honor the past and help give purpose to Legion families and future generations. Help us continue these programs and inspire others to do the same for years to come.