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Let us help find the right Long-Term Care insurance plan for you,
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People are living longer these days, but as life expectancies increase, so does the risk of serious health problems that could require long-term care. In fact, at retirement age, 70% of Americans will need long-term care and 40% will enter a nursing home.1 And with the average cost for nursing home care in a semiprivate room equating to more than $91,250 per year, that could literally cost most or all of your life’s savings.2

Long-Term Care insurance may not be for everyone. But with soaring healthcare costs, insurance restrictions and the need to stretch retirement savings through more years... it’s a good idea to seriously consider this valuable coverage while receiving a member premium discount.

The Legionnaire Insurance Trust and Long Term Care Resources work together to provide members with a comprehensive long term care program that gives members the stability and flexibility they need to protect their future. Members also have access to an interactive and educational Long-Term Care evaluation tool to help them make the best decisions for their specific situation.

To learn more about how members can help protect their assets from the rising cost of long-term care, call 800-616-8759, or visit https://educationcenter.ltcr.com/?id=lit

1 Department of Health and Human Services, National Clearinghouse for Long-Term Care Information, www.longtermcare.gov.

2 Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey, April 2015, The Long-Term Care Resources Network is only available for residents of the United States. Coverage may vary or may not be available in all states.